Midnight Nomikai Volume 3 ft. Art Exhibition by Andre Yoga At Rayjin Teppanyaki & Dining Bar

September 23rd 2017 brought down the curtains to another successful edition of Midnight Nomikai Volume 3 in collaboration with our first art exhibition by Andre Yoga, the man behind our iconic Raijin God’s mural. 

Andre Yoga is known as one of the youngest talented artists; his work is based on characters whether it is fantastical or realistic figures with obvious choice of black and grey palettes. It creates a somewhat surrealist vibrant that emits from his creation with several techniques such as pointillism, dotwork, and other more conventional methods.
Exclusively for Midnight Nomikai Volume 3, this Denpasar-born lad was taking his art to another level, creating such a marvelous works on woods.
Midnight Nomikai Volume 3 successfully brought back PNNY – Trigan and Kusasi – as the beat maker to lead the dance floor, this time featuring ZUYACK a.k.a Kazuya Setagawa. Heading from Tokyo, Kazuya’s music could be described as Techno and House with touches of hypnotic & minimal sounds, creating a story across wide and deep latitudes, evolving to and from low-end hypnotic worlds. These three DJs succeed to turned Rayjin into such a musical journey that kept people glued to the dance floor.

People were to enjoy promos of beverage such as free flow champagne, 150K for 5 beers, and 500K for Smirnoff or Captain Morgan. Canapés of smoked ox-tongue croquettes and gyozas were also brought out for everyone during the party. At the end we would like to thank everyone who came and enjoyed the party. Let’s look forward to the next volume, shall we?

Stephania Shakila